Learning a third language: German in Heidelberg

13-17 years

Description of the programme

Language is nothing more than a communicative skill in which it is improved by practice, so the programme taught at OISE Heidelberg offers a balance between the most basic aspects of language along with oral and written practice.

The immersive program offered at OISE Heidelberg helps to consolidate the grammatical and lexical foundations of the German language, as well as to acquire and use specialized vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. In addition to learning German as a language, students also learn how to use it as a tool in their daily lives, through workshops and activities that allow them to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

In order to ensure maximum participation of all students, class size is limited to 8 students. The result-oriented programs are designed to maximize language learning and provide students with a resource for their future academic and professional success.

Academic Content

The program is divided into morning sessions devoted to the study of grammar, vocabulary, oral and written expression and comprehension, and afternoon sessions devoted to intellectual enrichment through the practice of their language skills with texts on politics, history, geography and even creative writing exercises. The students are taken out of their comfort zone, having to prepare presentations that they must defend in front of the rest of the group, as well as being taught to express their ideas and opinions, using German as a tool, and not as an end in itself.

Grammar and Vocabulary
Each session focuses on grammar and vocabulary relevant to the student's level. During the first class of the day, students develop their grammatical accuracy and expand their vocabulary.

Reading and listening comprehension
Depending on the language level of the students, the lessons cover general topics of daily life, or try to go a little further with issues of international relevance. These classes allow students to understand general texts, ask and answer questions according to the topic under discussion, capture global and detailed information in real-life situations and expand their vocabulary.

Written and verbal expression: project
The projects focus on improving oral and written expression skills and are designed to foster fluency and self-confidence. The classes offer an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and skills base through teamwork: plays, creative writing, formal presentation on a specific topic or design of audiovisual material are some examples of projects that aim to enable students to become able to express their point of view or opinion, present a topic in class that leads to discussion and group debate and develop their creativity.

Subjects: politics, history, geography
These lessons offer the opportunity to broaden students' knowledge of different topics that may be relevant and useful during their academic years and beyond such as understanding the importance of Germany's history, its political systems and local geography.

Individual needs

Students wishing to prepare a German exam or students with specific needs have the possibility to choose Tutorial lessons. The Combination Programme combines the intensity of one-to-one sessions with interactive and dynamic group work. In the morning lessons, individual weaknesses and specific needs of the student are addressed. Teaching methods are adapted to the learning style and the pace of the student. The afternoon lessons are delivered in a dynamic class of 8 students and focus on project and subject work

OISE Heidelberg Young Learners

  • Available all year round
  • 27 hours per week of tuition
  • Maximum of 8 students per class
  • Accommodation with local families

Where can I do this course?


Where can I do this course?

OISE Heidelberg - Young Learners
Intensive course (27 hours/week)

Duration  Price 2018
1 week   1.445
2 weeks  2.670
3 weeks  3.885
4 weeks   5.100

+855 per week for the Combination Programme (one-to-one lessons on the morning).

The price includes: classes and all teaching materials, academic record and course certificate, full board accommodation, recreational activities, a full day excursion during the weekend, arrival and departure transfers from/to the airports.

OISE Heidelberg YL TimetableOISE Heidelberg YL one-to-one timetable